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Normally sanding & finishing is a three ~ four days process, but this may vary due to weather conditions.
It is advisable to allow extra days in case any of the coatings don't dry in the expected time.

Inspect, Repair, Clean:

 Repairing damaged or loose floorboards. (If necessary)

 Using first a nail punch and punching down all the nail heads.

 Filling the holes and gaps with wood putty.

Floor Sanding : ( 3 ~ 5 Times):
Belt Sander, The Trio, Edger, Orbital

 Machine sanding with coarse, medium and fine paper to a smooth, even surface.

 Removing sanding dust from the entire surface by vacuum.

 Hand Scraping Corners and Inaccessible Places.

Polishing or Staining (3 ~ 4  coats applied):

 Inspecting the entire area of the floor to insure that the surface is acceptable for finishing.

 Buffing and cleaning the floor between applying each coat.

 Completely free from sanding dust and perfectly clean .
 We only use products of the best quality.     


  Timber floor sanding and polishing, Solvent based  polyurethane, water based non-toxic polishing

  Tung oil polishing, Direct timber floor staining, Gloss, Satin, Matt polishing